Televangelist Pat Robertson worries men accused of sexual harassment are the real victims
Pat Robertson (Screenshot)

Christian televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday worried that sexual harassment allegations would derail the careers of "terrific" men in the media.

"Now it’s looked on as shocking but, folks, it’s been happening a long time and nobody said anything about it," he said, in a video highlighted by Right Wing Watch.

"Now they’re finally wising up, but I just hate to see some of these men’s careers—I mean, guys like Charlie Rose, these are terrific people and I hate to see it happen."

Robertson also complained that the spate of men who have been accused of sexually harassing and abusing their female colleagues haven't faced a trial.

"You don’t have that now, so these people’s careers are being ruined and we just hope and pray that these women are telling the truth," he remarked.

Robertson previously suggested that sexual harassment claims against former Fox News host Eric Bolling were not true because Bolling was a devout Catholic.

Watch video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, below: