Texas dad accidentally killed by son during shooting lesson
(Photo: Shutterstock)

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office announced late Sunday that a a 53-year-old father has died after he was accidentally shot by his son during a shooting lesson.

Daniel Boor from Garland, Texas, was shot in the head by his 12-year-old son Friday afternoon while teaching the boy how to shoot. Many in the community were shocked and saddened by the news, News4 San Antonio reported. The two were on a 10-acre private property in Bulverde when deputies were called.

Local gun expert Jaime Correa explained that in Texas it isn't unusual for a child to learn at an early age how to handle a gun.

"The rules of gun safety are no different at the public range, at the private range and your own backyard," Correa told News4.

He noted that the safety rule is to always assume that a gun is loaded, keep your finger off of the trigger and be aware of where the weapon is pointed.

You can watch the full report below: