'That just seems moronic': Cooper beats up on Trump booster Miller for claiming Don Jr was scared of WikiLeaks
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

Leave it to former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller to spin news that Donald Trump, Jr. exchanged direct messages with WikiLeaks into something decidedly more idiotic.

"One of the things to keep in mind, to defend Don Jr. for a minute, you get an outreach from WikiLeaks, these guys clearly have a lot of tactics and techniques they're using online," he said during a Monday night panel on AC360. "You don't want to go and piss these guys off."

He went on to say that Trump Jr.'s response to one WikiLeaks message, in which he responded that he'd check off the record to an anti-Trump website, was him placating and playing nice.

"Why would go and pick a fight with WikiLeaks at that moment when you know that they're involved with all this stuff," Miller said.

Host Anderson Cooper, however, wasn't having it.

"You know, I'm on Twitter and I get direct messages from people I don't know," he said. "You don't have to respond."

"You can just ignore them," the host continued.

"They were pinging him several times and even into 2017," Miller retorted after another panelist noted that at one point, Trump Jr. seemed to solicit information from them. "It didn't seem like a relationship he was trying to develop or he was trying to foster."

"Again, through all of this, there's nothing Don Jr. did illegal here," Miller incorrectly stated. Earlier today, a former White House counsel noted that Trump Jr. could have violated federal campaign finance law in coordinating with WikiLeaks. 

"You would want a guy running an international business to anonymous people direct messaging him, and telling them 'oh, this conversation's off the record'?" Cooper asked. "I know nothing about business, I could not run the corporation he runs, but that just seems moronic."

Watch Cooper blast Miller's faulty logic below, via CNN.