Top psychiatrist details why Trump's 'impulsivity, recklessness' and 'loose grip on reality' threatens the world
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a Yale psychiatrist specializing in violence studies, has for months been sounding the alarm on President Donald Trump's mental health and the dangers he poses to the United States. She helped found the Duty to Warn organization of mental health professionals speaking out about the president, and in October, published a New York Times best-selling anthology with testimonies from 27 psychology professionals on the topic.

In an interview with France 24's English broadcast, Dr. Lee spoke about the specific behaviors Trump exhibits that have caused increasing concern for her and others in the psychology community.

"As an expert on violence, I can tell you that previous violence shows an indication for possible future violence," she said. "[Trump] has already shown verbal aggressiveness, a history of sexual assault, incitement to violence at his rallies, endorsement of violence in public speeches, he's shown an attraction to violence and powerful weapons and he has taunted hostile nations with nuclear power."

"All these things are signs of danger," Lee continued, "and because assessing dangerousness is more about the situation than about the person, he has definitely in a situation where more of this could come and actually could escalate."

The group's "primary and most urgent concern" is Trump's ability to use weapons of mass destruction due to his "impulsivity, recklessness" and "paranoia," as well as his apparent "loose grip on reality" and "lack of empathy."

You can watch Dr. Lee's entire interview about Trump's dangerous mental health below, via France 24.