Trump demanded bodyguard go get McDonald's after White House chefs failed to recreate fast food
Donald Trump eating McDonald's fast food aboard his private jet (screengrab from the president's Instagram account)

President Donald Trump loves his fast food so much he demanded the White House recreate some of his favorites. When they were unable to replicate it exactly, Trump sent his bodyguard out to McDonald's.

In a Politico profile on Trump's longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller admitted he ran the fast food errands for the self-described billionaire. According to Schiller, the order was a quarter-pounder with cheese, no pickles and extra ketchup along with a fried apple pie for dessert.

Calling him the "Trump whisperer," Politico explained that this was not the first time he made a stealth drive-thru run for his boss. Rather it is merely the latest in a long line of similar requests.

Schiller is scheduled to appear before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday. He's expected to answer questions about alleged collusion with Russia, meetings with officials linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.