Trump privately says government shutdown may be good for him politically -- and may try to blame Democrats for it: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump has reportedly told people near him that a government shutdown may be a good chance for him to score political points with his disaffected base.

According to The Washington Post, sources close to the president say Trump has, in the last 10 days, mused that a shutdown it may be good for him "politically" and may try to blame Democrats if and when it occurs.

As The Post notes, the White House's official statement on the impending shutdown claims the president does not want it to happen. Nevertheless, it's not his first time flirting with the concept of a "good" shutdown.

In May, Trump tweeted that "Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’" to either change rules that allow Senate votes to pass by a majority smaller than the current 60 percent or elect more Republicans to the upper chamber of Congress.

Multiple Congressional aides told The Post that House Republicans intend to unveil a measure to fund the government through December 22, and if they don't resolve it by then, "GOP leaders are prepared to pursue another stopgap plan."