Trump voter admits he’d have to check with Trump first if Jesus Christ proved Russia collusion
Trump Supporter Mike Lee (Photo: screen capture)

CNN continued it's "pulse of the people" segment Monday with an interview with a group of six supporters of President Donald Trump.

"He has no credibility for me as a president, there have been many reversals," said former Trump supporter Sherri Underwood, who gave Trump an "F" grade.

Kim Carson said that she loves the stock market is high and that unemployment is going down. However, Underwood said that it's far too early to credit Trump for such policies because those are all still actions the Obama administration took.

"It's been a painful process," Underwood said about her re-examination of the 2016 election. She said that she no longer views the Republican Party as being on the side of Americans, specifically due to health care. Anthony Miles, who continues to support Trump, outright wanted to see a single payer healthcare system. He also said that the system was clearly "rigged," and if given the opportunity he would have voted for Bernie Sanders.

Mark Lee explained that he love that Trump's idea, "America First" and that the president is not a politician. "He's there for the little guy," added Lee. He went on to say he loved that Trump was draining the swamp and that the millionaires in Trump's cabinet were not politicians.

Lee went on to say that he trusts the president so much that if Jesus Christ himself got "down off the cross to tell me Trump is with Russia, I'd have to check with Trump."

Watch the full segment below: