Victim's mother: Make lawmakers watch mass shooting videos 'on a continuous loop' until they fix gun laws
Sandy Phillips, whose daughter was gunned down in a 2012 mass shooting, talks with HLN's Carol Costello (Screen cap).

A mother whose child died at the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012 wants lawmakers to watch the horror of gun violence until they decide to actually do something about it.

Sandy Phillips, whose 24-year-old daughter Jessica Ghawi was murdered during the 2012 Aurora massacre, told HLN's Carol Costello Monday that she hopes that authorities release video of last week's mass shooting that left dozens dead in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

"When I originally heard they first had the video, I was very torn," she said. "Because anytime we can address this issue of violence in our country... if we can raise awareness and get people to quit sitting in front of their televisions and take action to make it stop, that's a good thing. However, I know survivors who have film of their child being shot and killed... and I know that watch the theater video, where my daughter is simply buying her ticket, tears me apart."

While Phillips does feel conflicted about releasing videos, she does think that lawmakers need to be confronted with it to shock them into action.

"Our congressmen and our senators should have that on a continuous loop to see what they're allowing to happen to our country over and over and over again," she said.

Watch the video below.