A Minnesota Republican is facing a backlash after sending out a message mocking transgender people.

"A guy who thinks he’s a girl is still a guy with a mental health condition," Minnesota state Rep. Mary Franson tweeted Wednesday morning.

Franson sent the tweet after two transgender candidates were elected to the Minneapolis City Council.

One of those candidates was Andrea Jenkins, the first black openly transgender woman elected to political office in the United States.

"Thank you, Representative Franson, for showing all Minnesotans your true bigotry and unapologetic transphobia," she told CityPages. "As a tax-paying citizen, I am extremely disappointed in seeing my public officials displaying such discrimination against and complete disregard for transgender residents of the great state of Minnesota."

The Minnesota LGBTQ legislative caucus also released a statement criticizing Franson.

According to CBS Minnesota, Franson has deactivated her personal Twitter account along with one of her Facebook pages.

But she is still receiving backlash directed at her official Twitter account: