WATCH: Even Fox News is mocking James O'Keefe's failed WaPo stunt after it 'backfired spectacularly'
A Fox News panel discusses James O'Keefe's failed sting of the Washington Post (Screen cap).

A Fox News panel on Tuesday burned right-wing propagandist James O'Keefe's failed attempt to trick the Washington Post into reporting a false sexual misconduct allegation against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, as panelist Howard Kurtz said the stunt "backfired spectacularly."

In particular, Kurtz mocked O'Keefe for thinking that he could simply send undercover Project Veritas agent Jamie Phillips to the Post and get them to unquestioningly print an explosive story about Moore allegedly impregnating her when she was 15 years old and then forcing her to get an abortion.

"To believe the Post would fall for it doesn't betray much understanding of how newspapers work," said Kurtz, who worked for years at the paper prior to coming to Fox News. "The Post, to its credit, tried to get documents, corroboration to see whether the story had any truth. They didn't fall for the repeated efforts to get Post reporters to say this would really hurt Roy Moore's campaign if we publish this."

Kurtz went on to admonish O'Keefe for employing "lies about something as horrifying as raping a teenager to entrap the paper" and discredit its work reporting on Moore.

Watch the video below.