After Trump signs misleading law raising local taxes, town officials thank him for 'solving cash flow problem'
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Some local officials have found a silver lining in a Republican tax law that lavishes benefits on the wealthy while raising local and state taxes in some Democratic-leaning states.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that residents are lining up in places like Cherry Hill, New Jersey to pre-pay 2018 taxes before the Republican tax law caps local deductions at $10,000.

Hundreds more stood in line Fairfax County, Virgnia and Montgomery County, Maryland, according to the paper.

Officials in Montgomery County even passed special legislation allowing residents to pay their taxes early.

Montgomery County Council President Hans Riemer told the Journal that the law “is a middle-class tax hike for us, and we’re trying to postpone at least some of that for at least one more year."

But in the Boston suburb of Milton, officials are looking at the tax hike as a new source or revenue.

“Thank you, Mr. Trump, for solving my cash-flow issues,” town treasurer James McAuliffe said. “It’s become a very expensive town.”

McAuliffe predicted that about half the residents in Milton would have their taxes raised when the $10,000 cap goes into effect next year.