Alabama evangelical explains why Moore won't concede: He can't believe 'God would will a Democrat to win'
Roy Moore speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Elaina Plott, a writer at Washingtonian, is also an evangelical Christian who grew up in Alabama -- and she has some unique insights into why defeated Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has not yet conceded the race.

Writing on Twitter, Plott notes that Moore during the campaign said that he had full trust in God that He would help deliver a victory in the 2017 special election. When Democrat Doug Jones was called as the victor on Tuesday night, this short-circuited Moore's understanding of the ways that God supposedly operates.

"To be clear: For a candidate to say he is 'waiting for God to speak' viz election results is to say he is waiting for God to anoint him the rightful victor," she explains. "It is to say that there is no world in which God would will for a Democrat to win."

Plott goes on to say that Moore's shocking defeat should prompt her fellow evangelicals to reconsider the type of people they're willing to support in elections.

"Moments like these should actually encourage good faith evangelical Christians to question whether their politics are reflecting God," she concludes.

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