Alabama political editor mocks Roy Moore: In the south 'we rarely put our crazy people on television'
Anderson Cooper and Bill Britt of the Alabama Political Reporter (Photo: Screen capture)

The Alabama Political Reporter's Editor-in-Chief Bill Britt outright called Republican senate candidate Roy Moore "crazy."

During a Thursday interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, he explained many families have skeletons in their closets but they rarely promote them.

"Here in the South we generally will take our crazy people down and put them in the parlor or on the front porch," Britt began. "We rarely put them on television."

He went on to say that Moore was a polarizing figure but that such people exist everywhere.

"Does he say things are outrageous to most of us? Absolutely," he continued. "But there are people in Alabama, and I would dare say in the United States that agree with Roy Moore. While most do not, there is a hard-core constituency who believes who he believes."

Cooper explained that Moore's poll numbers are certainly going down but wondered if his supporters have become more hardened. The story parallels with President Donald Trump's own story. In wake of the "Access Hollywood" scandal, his supporters doubled-down on their support.

"When we talk to Republicans throughout the state, there are many Republicans that are just going to stay home," he said. "They're not going to vote for Roy Moore and not going to vote for Doug Jones. These are private decisions, they're not going to come out and say that openly. But that's the way the Republicans that we've talked to feel. However, there is, again, a constituency that doesn't trust the media, the reports, and they're going to vote for Roy Moore."

Watch the full interview below: