Alex Jones claims ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is designed to ‘brainwash’ Americans
InfoWars personality Alex Jones (Photo: Screen capture)

Prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hammered Star Wars: The Last Jedi as "giant social engineering experiment and chock full of standard Hollywood Gamergate propaganda" in a long-winded complaint uploaded to Facebook on Friday.

Jones began the segment humming John Williams score from the iconic series.

"I wanted you to get a first look at our new mega-studio "This will be a great weapon in the battle against the globalists, because we are the Resistance," Jones argued. "Though, I have to admit, it looks like a piece of Imperial hardware, doesn't it?"

"Mainstream media may be dying -- mainstream news, because they've been exposed to be fake, the CNNs, the MSNBCs," Jones argued.

"Where they really still are brainwashing a large segment of the population is entertainment," Jones claimed. "It's pretty much a unified anti-family, globalist message."

"They want atomized, broken up, sharecropper-slaves that owe that soul to the modern company store," Jones claimed. "It's feudalism -- modern, high-tech feudalism and they admit that in their own white papers."

Jones biggest criticism seemed to be that women were in command of the Resistance, though he also ranted about the fact the bad guys were men.

He claimed that deceased star Carrie Fisher "looked like an old lizard that lived under a bridge or something, that could hard talk."

"And a lot of people love their servitude, they like being brainwashed, so if people are into this crap and you like the social engineering and you like Communist China working with the globalists to keep our taxes high," Jones ranted.

Watch (some spoilers included):