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‘Another amazing milestone’: Ivanka claims ‘no president’ gave national security speech before Trump



White House adviser Ivanka Trump asserted on Monday that her father President Donald Trump had hit “another amazing milestone” by being the first president to openly discuss national security policy with the American people.

On Monday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy noted that President Ronald Reagan had a principle of “peace through strength,” and he wondered how President Trump’s national security strategy is different from President Barack Obama’s.


“Well it’s based on the principles of America first,” Ivanka Trump said, referring to a speech Trump is slated to give on Monday. “It’s the principles that he’s campaigned on and that he’s governed based on since inception. I think what’s remarkable is that no president has rolled out — it’s highly unusual for a president to roll out a comprehensive national security strategy within the first year.”

“So, this is yet another amazing milestone for this presidency,” she smiled. “It’s been an unbelievable and really robust strategy and it’s going to be articulated by the president, which is also unusual.”

“Yep,” Doocy agreed.

“Normally, the president himself does not share the principles of the national security strategy,” the president’s daughter remarked. “This is so important to him, and so consistent with the views that he’s long held and which the American people voted on that he wanted to share with the American people himself.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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‘How dare you’: Pastor infected with coronavirus slams faith leaders who kept their churches open



A California pastor is urging other religious leaders to heed lockdown orders and keep their churches closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Reverend Johnnie Clark with Word Assembly Church in East Oakland says it's a matter of life and death -- something he's familiar with since he's now recovering from the virus.

Clark says he misses the church he's been preaching at for 15 years, which has been empty since March when the lockdown orders started, Fox 9 reports.

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Nancy Pelosi roasts Mark Zuckerberg for ‘pandering’ to Trump and his ‘silly’ tantrums



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday mocked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his efforts to appease President Donald Trump's criticisms of major social media companies.

During a press conference, Pelosi said that Zuckerberg "just panders" to Trump in an effort to preserve his business model, which she described as a platform for people to "misrepresent facts" without consequence.

"They knew during the 2016 elections that the Russians were engaged in foul play," she said. "They knew, because they saw where the money was coming from!"

She then turned her attention to Trump's new executive order that will reportedly open up tech platforms to more lawsuits.

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Pennsylvania Dem unloads on GOPers who pushed to reopen as they hid colleague’s COVID-19 infection



Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) lashed out at Republican lawmakers who remained silent after testing positive for COVID-19.

Democrats this week accused Republicans of withholding information after Rep. Andrew Lewis (R) tested positive for the virus.

"It's been a week, perhaps longer, that House Republican leadership knew that at least one of their members had tested positive for COVID-19," Sims explained in a Facebook post. "But they didn't go on quarantine until they were done serving alongside us, especially those of us that serve on the State Government Committee."

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