An alt-right candidate running a primary challenge against House Speaker Paul Ryan has posted an image on Twitter showing the Republican congressman falling from a helicopter.

The meme posted by Paul Nehlen (R-WI) refers to South American practice of dropping political opponents out of helicopters.

“'Free Helicopter Rides' refers to extrajudicial killings known as 'death flights,' in which military forces throw people from aircraft into large bodies of water. Online, the phrase is often used by members of the alt-right in jokes about executing their political opponents," Know Your Meme explains.

The other person featured in the meme appears to be Randy Bryce (D-WI), the "Iron Stache" candidate also challenging Speaker Ryan for his first district congressional seat.

Last week, HuffPost repeatedly asked Nehlen if he was a white nationalist. Nehlen twice dodged the question, then refused to respond.

Nehlen's supporters on Twitter celebrated his meme imagining the extrajudicial murder of political opponents.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Breitbart backed Nehlen's challenge to Ryan in the 2016 GOP primary. But Nehlen lost by 68 points.

This is not the first time Nehlen has posted controversial items on Twitter. Nehlen also made waves for openly embracing white supremacist memes and his "it's okay to be white" campaign.

Nehlen has also appeared twice on the "Fash the Nation" podcast. "Fash" is short for fascist.

The "Fash the Nation" crew has concluded that Nehlen is creating the ideal model for "aspiring right-wing politicians."

"As Sodom on the Pacific burns, a different kind of conflagration is happening east of the Mississippi. Paul Nehlen is running wild on Twitter, never letting up in his bold campaign to unseat the King Cuck, House Speaker Paul Ryan," Fash the Nation argued. "At the same time, Nehlen has unapologetically sat at the right edge of the Overton window, and recently has been playing the young man’s game of trolling to great effect."

"There are hundreds of millions of dollars funding openly anti-White media and advocacy groups," Fash the Nation claims.

"He says what his constituents are thinking, never backs down, stays on top of the political scene, supports other candidates nationwide (see his many tweets in support of Judge Moore for the Alabama Senate race), mines lefty salt, and has fun the whole time. Do any of those characteristics sound familiar to you?" Fash the Nation asked. "With just twenty people or so like Paul Nehlen in Congress, there won’t be enough resources in the anti-White establishment to mount an effective resistance."

Meanwhile Bryce, the Democratic Party ironworker also challenging Ryan, has been focused on fighting the tax cut bill that passed Congress today.