'BLAH BLAH BLAH f*ck the poor': Ivanka comes on Fox News to talk tax policy -- and gets destroyed by Twitter
Ivanka Trump appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Ivanka Trump was blasted on Twitter on Thursday after she appeared on Fox & Friends to applaud the Republican tax bill as a win for the "middle class" and predicted that it would eventually erase the federal deficit.

After the hosts of Fox & Friends praised the president's daughter for her role in passing the tax bill, she explained that she would be traveling around the country early next year to celebrate with the American people.

"I'm really looking forward to doing a lot of traveling in April when people realize the effect that this has," she said. "The vast majority will be [doing their taxes] on a single postcard."

But many Twitter users, who were not impressed with Ivanka Trump's knowledge of tax policy, pointed out that the Trump family stands to benefit greatly from the tax bill.

Read some of the tweets below.