'No standard of morality': Chris Cuomo hammers Kellyanne Conway on Roy Moore hypocrisy
Chris Cuomo vs. Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Chris Cuomo began his Wednesday morning interview with Kellyanne Conway by asking why President Donald Trump would prefer an accused child molester more than a Democrat in the Senate.

Conway immediately changed the subject to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) for what she called an admitted “sexual assault.”

"You see an analogy between Franken and Moore?" Cuomo asked, dumbfounded.

Conway explained that Franken admitted to the allegations against him where Moore has just been accused and there hasn't been a lawsuit or court case.

"That seems to be the mistake these days, is owning your mistakes. It seems if you just deny it you could become a senator," Cuomo retorted.

Conway used the GOP talking point that the voters of Alabama should decide.

"Then why endorse him? If you want to leave it up to the voters of Alabama then leave it up to Alabama -- you don't vote there," Cuomo shot back.

"Oh, OK, you think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don't want Doug Jones to win?" Conway said, forgetting that neither Pelosi nor Schumer have been down to the area to campaign or have helped promote Jones in any way the way Trump and his supporters have.

"That's because there's these titanic allegations against Roy Moore. That's why. Your own logic doesn't work here," Cuomo said. "The White House said the allegations here are troubling, but not as troubling as a Democrat in this seat. So you'd rather take a gamble that maybe these allegations aren't true but we get our vote. That's better than having a Democrat."

Conway attempted to pivot to Rep. John Conyers and Franken again, asking, "Do you think all these people should lose their jobs in the media, in politics, in the industry?"

Cuomo noted that Conyers has resigned and he doesn't know what will happen with Franken.

"But the question is: should he? Or are you putting party before morality?" Conway said.

Cuomo noted that he's nothing more than a journalist, "I'm not in the business of saying what could happen. I'm asking what you say should happen."

Conway brought up Franken again saying that "he admitted it."

Cuomo asked what exactly Franken admitted to. "He took a stupid photo. He didn't sexually assault someone ... I thought it was a stupid photo, he needed to own it and it was in poor taste. These are accusations of sexual assault. If Doug Jones had these accusations on him you wouldn't talk about anything else. You would have his name tattooed on your hand with the names of the woman on the other and hold them up."

Conway continued to defend Trump's endorsement of Moore, when finally Cuomo cut in.

"But do you have no standard for morality?" he said. Conway continued to talk about taxes and Jones before Cuomo broke in again. "That's a silly premise. I'm saying you're comparing what Al Franken did to Roy Moore to help mitigate accusations against Moore and it's obvious."

Conway said she wanted to "review one last time so everybody gets it." She ultimately claimed, “The president has tremendous moral standards.”

"Sure, do better this time," Cuomo blasted back.

Conway then pivoted to talk about Mitt Romney and Steve Bannon's accusations that he was a draft dodger for using his religious exemption. She said that Trump called Romney last night and that the two men have a wonderful relationship. Cuomo wondered if Sen. Orin Hatch (R-UT) stepped away from the seat if Trump would support Romney. Conway claimed that it hasn't happened yet, so she can't comment.

Cuomo later asked Conway if the president apologized for what Bannon said. Conway refused to answer, instead talking about the two working together on common issues.

"So you feel good with Roy Moore representing your party?" Cuomo asked.

"My feelings don't matter," Conway dodged.

"Oh yes they do," Cuomo shot back. "You're a counselor to the president of the United States. Roy Moore is a guy who talks about gay marriage being bestiality."

Conway tried to pivot to say she's grateful for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence leading the country. The two devolved into a fight about the tax reform package. Conway then tried to claim that cable news “doesn’t want to talk about Doug Jones” only Moore. Cuomo explained that Jones doesn't have child molestation allegations facing him.

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