CNN graphic busts Trump for pervy move in Alabama race: 'Trump endorses accused child molester Roy Moore'
Roy Moore and Donald Trump (CNN/screen grab)

After President Donald Trump officially endorsed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) on Monday, CNN repeatedly reminded viewers that the GOP hopeful was an "accused child molester."

In recent weeks, Trump has refused to endorse Moore by name, but in a tweet on Monday, the president declared his full support for the candidate.

CNN's graphics department didn't mince words after the endorsement. Throughout the morning, the network repeatedly aired a chyron, which read, "TRUMP ENDORSES ACCUSED CHILD MOLESTER ROY MOORE."

"The president is endorsing accused child molester and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore," CNN host John Berman announced at the top of one of the segments.

Co-host Poppy Harlow also reminded the audience that "eight women have come forward" to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct.

"One, of course, accusing him of child molestation when she was 14-years-old," Harlow noted.

Watch the video below from CNN.