CNN’s John King brutally fact-checks Trump’s claim of setting a record for legislative accomplishments: ‘You have one’
John King

Despite substantial evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump on Friday claimed he “broke Harry Truman’s” record of legislative approvals in his first year in office, prompting CNN’s John King to bluntly correct the president’s lie.

During a bill signing in the Oval Office later in the day. Trump signed into law a sweeping tax bill that represents the sole major legislative success of his presidency thus far. He told reporters he’s had 88 “legislative approvals” and “more legislative victories than any other president,” and once again maligned the media for refusing to report on whatever a “legislative approval” is.

King on Friday hit back at Trump for his claim. “You hear the president's frustration and if you are a Trump supporter, you blame us for some of this and maybe something else,” King began. “Trump critic, he is full of hyperbole.”

“I'm sorry, Mr. President, your record does not match Harry Truman,” King explained. “A lot of them were big victories. You have one achievement, and that's the tax cut plan unless you consider the Russia sanctions—but the president does not like that bill.”

In fact, as the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale points out, not only has Trump signed fewer bills into law than Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and others, but Harry Truman doesn’t even hold the record in “legislative approvals.”

There is one area where Trump is on-pace to outperform his predecessors. As the Washginton Post reported, in his for 263 days in office, Trump made 1,318 false or misleading claims. According to the New York Times, in his first 40 days in office, the president made a false statement in public every single day.

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