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Conservative scorches GOP for ‘fluffing’ Trump at fawning presser: You know ‘we can see you’, right?



In a panel discussion on Thursday, MSNBC commentators and host Chris Matthews derided a Wednesday White House press conference that featured Republicans fawning over the president in celebration of their newly-passed tax plan.

“It was like a scene out of Julius Caesar yesterday on the south lawn of the White House,” Matthews said. “One by one Republican leaders lined up to praise his eminence, the imperious Donald Trump.”

Yamiche Alcindor, an MSNBC analyst and Capitol Hill reporter at The New York Times said that even the president could tell the performance smelled fishy.

“Eleven people in total, I think, went up there and stood up there and talked about how great he was,” she said, “when we know as Capitol Hill reporters you get eye rolls from a lot of these Republicans when you try to ask them off the record what they think about this president.”

“Most of the time they’re highly embarrassed by what he’s tweeted that morning,” Alcindor continued, “so to have Orrin Hatch up there calling him ‘possibly the best president ever’ — [Trump] knows there’s some flattering going on there and that it’s not quite genuine.”

Never-Trump conservative Charlie Sykes had even stronger words for his fellow Republicans.


“I get that they were excited, I get that they like tax cuts,” he said, “but why do you actually have this ritualized fluffing of the orange god-king?”

While it’s clear that their heaped praise is a “tactic” to “keep [Trump] in line,” Sykes said he felt like warning his party mates as he was watching their press conference.

“Do you understand you’re doing this in public, we can see what you’re doing here?” he joked. “I mean, this is great, Paul [Ryan], you got your tax cuts. But have a little pride, just a little bit of dignity left when all this is over.”

You can watch the entire segment below, via MSNBC.

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2020 Election

New report targets 15 House Democrats who ‘deserve’ progressive primary challengers



As progressive candidates continue to announce their intentions to oust corporate Democrats, a new report names 15 House Democrats to unseat in primary challenges.

Published Monday by the left-leaning group RootsAction, the new report is entitled Bad Blues: Some of the House Democrats Who Deserve to Be 'Primaried.'

The list, the report notes, "is by no means exhaustive—only illustrative."

"There may well be a Democratic member of Congress near you not included here who serves corporate interests more than majority interests, or has simply grown tired or complacent in the never-ending struggles for social, racial, and economic justice as well as environmental sanity and peace," the report notes. "Perhaps you live in a district where voters are ready to be inspired by a progressive primary candidate because the Democrat in Congress is not up to the job."

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‘A true public health emergency’: 70+ medical groups sound alarm on climate crisis



Groups lay out action agenda to advance climate solutions and strengthen resiliency

Scores of medical groups on Monday called the climate crisis "a health emergency" and laid out what they framed as a blueprint for the public and private sector to take swift action.

The agenda is signed by over 70 groups, including the American Medical Association, American Heart Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the National Association of Social Workers.

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Citing CIA’s dark history, librarians protest agency’s recruiting at their conference



"Everything they stand for is a violation of the values of librarianship, so we protested."

A group of librarians demanded the American Library Association abide by its values on Friday as they staged a protest of the CIA's presence and recruitment at the professional organization's annual conference.

At the convention, which is taking place June 20-25 in Washington, D.C., the CIA is among the hundreds of exhibitors.

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