Court tosses out one-vote 'win' in Virginia delegates race -- and the tie will be broken by a coin toss
VA Del. David Yancey (R, left) and his Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds (right). Images via Yancey and Simonds' campaigns.

A circuit court judge in Virginia has declared a tie in the Virginia delegates race thought to be won by a single vote yesterday after a "questionable" ballot cast in favor of the Republican incumbent came to light.

As The Washington Post reports, the "three- judge panel declined to certify the recount of a key House race today, saying that a questionable ballot should be counted in favor of the Republican."

"The court declares there is no winner in this election,” Circuit Court Judge Bryant L. Sugg said.

"In the case of a tie in a House race," the report continues, "state law says the winner is chosen by lot – essentially, a coin toss, according to Virginia state law."

If either candidate is dissatisfied with the coin toss result, they can request a second recount.

Shelly Simonds' apparent win made national headlines yesterday after the recount initially put her one vote ahead of GOP incumbent David Yancey -- a win that would have ended the GOP's 18-year majority rule in the Virginia House of Delegates.