Disgruntled conservative imagines how GOP would react if Hillary did half the things Trump has done
Donald Trump stands behind Hillary Clinton (CNN)

If Hillary Clinton had been elected president and it was revealed that Chelsea Clinton and former campaign manager Robby Mook had met with a Russian operative who promised them dirt on Donald Trump, would Republicans sweep it under the rug as a "nothingburger?"

Naval War College professor Tom Nichols, a disgruntled conservative who has regularly lambasted President Donald Trump, wrote on Twitter about how inexplicably Republicans have behaved to cover up for Trump's assorted scandals.

To drive his point home, Nichols imagined an alternate universe in which a President Hillary Clinton had been revealed to have done even half of the things we already know about Trump's actions over the past two years.

"It's 2017, and President Hillary Clinton is facing charges that Chelsea met with Russians who offered oppo on Trump," Nichols writes at the start of his hypothetical. "Chelsea didn't call the FBI; and Clinton nat sec adviser Jake Sullivan lied to the FBI about talking to the Russians."

Nichols goes on to imagine how conservatives would have reacted if she had told FBI Director James Comey to "let go" of his agency's investigation into Sullivan, and if three other Clinton campaign officials were subsequently charged with Russia-related crimes.

"At least three other Clinton campaign officials end up indicted," he muses. "All of them are tied in some way to a hostile foreign power. Robby Mook is confined to his home with an ankle monitor... Let's cut the nonsense. The GOP would be in full impeachment mode, even without the completion of the special counsel investigation. This is not a partisan point; it's a common-sense point."

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