Ex-FBI agent to Trump: Somebody already made bureau 'bigger and better' and it was Robert Mueller
Former FBI special agent Clint Watts on MSNBC (Screen capture)

Former FBI agent Clint Watts had a message for President Trump on Sunday evening, that the FBI was made "bigger and better" already, by then-Director Robert Mueller.

"Kasie D.C." host Kasie Hunt asked Watts whether the text messages from agent Peter Strzok are important to the investigation.

Watts replied that Mueller did "exactly what he should have done" and fired Strzok from the investigation as soon as he became aware of the situation.

Watts went on to offer a stern critique of President Donald Trump's comments from the White House lawn on Friday morning in which he said that the FBI is at a historic low point, but that his administration will make it "bigger and better" than it has ever been before.

"What I love about Pres. Trump's comment about making the FBI bigger and better," said Watts, "we actually did that after 9/11 and the person picked to do that was FBI Director Mueller at the time. He made it bigger and better and he did such a good job with it that he was asked by Pres. Obama to extend past the 10-year term."

Watch the video, embedded below: