FBI director defends the bureau one day after Trump called it 'the worst in history'
FBI Director Christopher Wray (left, via Wikimedia Commons) and President Donald Trump (right, via Shutterstock).

In an email sent to FBI staff on Monday, the bureau's director defended his workforce just a day after President Donald Trump claimed its reputation was in "tatters" and is "the worst in history."

The New York Times reported that FBI Director Chris Wray, who was appointed by Trump, lauded his employees and said he was "inspired by example after example of professionalism and dedication to justice demonstrated around the bureau."

"It is truly an honor to represent you," Wray wrote in the inter-FBI email obtained by the Times.

In an early-morning Twitter storm on Sunday, Trump wrote that the bureau is "tainted" and "dishonest" a few hours after attacking his own Justice Department in a series of tweets.

Wray never mentioned Trump by name in his Monday email, but did write that members of the bureau "find [themselves] under the microscope each and every day — and rightfully so. We do hard work for a living."