Feminist-bashing alt-right activist upset to learn her movement is full of angry misogynistic men
'Ethno-nationalist' vlogger Tara McCarthy (image via screengrab).

"Ethno-nationalist" and anti-feminist YouTube vlogger Tara McCarthy took to Twitter to vent about the men in the alt-right movement -- and appeared to come to the realization that they are, in fact, misogynists.

First reported by Salon, McCarthy's epiphany came amid targeted harassment by trolls that appear to be a part of the alt-right's Internet cabal after another right-wing female pundit spoke out about not wanting to have children or get married yet at age 22.

"Women in the Alt Right are constantly harassed by low status anonymous trolls trying to put us in our place," the British vlogger wrote in a now-deleted string of tweets. "Women of all ages, who do or don't have children, are harassed for various 'reasons'. The ultimate goal seems to be to bully us off the internet."

As Right Wing Watch noted, 22-year-old conservative activist Lauren Southern, best known for her expedition to the Mediterranean to try to block Tunisian refugees from entering Italy, explained in a video why she hasn't yet married or had children despite promoting "traditionalist" values.

It appears that after trolls began going after Southern for not wanting to start having babies in her early 20's, McCarthy also spoke out on Twitter (prior to locking her account down) about attacks she'd gotten from men who share her beliefs because despite being married, she has not yet had children.

"Guys, I'm not saying I can't take any trolling or harassment on the internet, *obviously* I can," McCarthy wrote in another tweet. "I've probably had more of it than most of you will see in a lifetime, and I'm still here. Not going anywhere. I'm not stating the above solely for my own personal benefit."

As some on Twitter have pointed out since McCarthy's tweets and subsequent account lockdown, the ethno-nationalist vlogger's viewpoints are bizarre given that she is a quarter Indian.

"Tara McCarthy's politics are entirely antithetical to her identity," one user noted. "She's female, mixed race and english, but wants the US to become a white ethnostate and is sad that fascists aren't woke and feminist enough."

You can read more reactions to McCarthy and Southern's apparent feminist awakenings below.