Former chairman of Colorado’s Republican Party found guilty of voter fraud — after trying to blame it on Democrats
Former Colorado GOP chairman Steve Curtis during his trial (image via YouTube screengrab).

Steve Curtis, the former chairman of the Colorado GOP, has been found guilty of voter fraud for forging his ex-wife's signature on a ballot.

As The Denver Post reports, Curtis may face up to three years in prison for forging his ex-wife's signature on a Colorado ballot in November 2016 after she'd moved to South Carolina in 2015. He was arrested in February after handwriting analysis and DNA testing revealed he'd committed the forgery.

Curtis pleaded not guilty to the charge and claimed that he'd signed his ex-wife Kelly's ballot during a middle-of-the-night diabetic episode and accidentally mailed it the next day.

As Salon noted earlier this year, Curtis blamed Democrats for forging votes and committing voter fraud on his radio show last year.