Former ethics chief: Trump's Saturday morning Flynn tweet should be enough to end his presidency
Donald Trump (Youtube)

Walter Shaub -- former director of the U.S. Office of Ethics and Government -- hit President Donald Trump hard in a tweet on Saturday after Trump said that everything disgraced national security adviser Mike Flynn did during the presidential transition was "lawful."

The Hill said that Shaub -- who resigned from his post earlier this year in disgust with the Trump administration -- was incredulous that Trump would make what is essentially an admission of guilt.

“Are you ADMITTING you knew Flynn had lied to to the FBI when you asked Comey to back off Flynn?" Shaub demanded.

He followed up by asking, "Tell us, @realDonaldTrump, did you know Flynn had lied to the FBI when Counsel to the President Don McGahn snubbed Yates as she tried to warn the White House Flynn had been compromised?" and "Did you know Flynn had lied to the FBI when you fired Yates days after her whistleblowing?"

"Before we slipped into an alternate universe of unabashed corruption," Shaub wrote, "this tweet alone might have ended a Presidential administration."