Fox News hypes cop's prison rape joke about 19-year-old convict -- and their fans love it
19-year-old Kevin Rojas, who was convicted of attempting to murder a police officer.

Fox News on Friday reported on a story about a 19-year-old man being sentenced to jail for attempted murder by highlighting the fact that a police officer taunted him with the prospect that he'd be raped in prison.

Fox's story -- which was headlined "Cop taunts would-be killer with lube on way to prison: 'You are going to need a lot of this'" -- differs markedly from the way the story was reported by the local Florida Times-Union, whose headline simply read, "Judge sentences young Jacksonville man to life in prison for shooting officer."

Instead of leading with the sentencing for 19-year-old Florida resident Kevin Rojas for shooting a police officer, Fox chose to lead with the officer's decision to make a prison rape joke.

"A police officer taunted the Jacksonville man who shot him multiple times last year by taking out a tube of K-Y Jelly personal lubricant in court Wednesday," the story began.

While the Florida Times-Union similarly reported on the officer's K-Y Jelly stunt, it didn't mention it in the headline or in the story's lead sentence.

Fox News fans on Twitter responded to the Fox story by laughing at the prospect of Rojas being raped in prison.