Hank Azaria 'upset' people are 'hurt and offended' by 'The Simpsons' character Apu
Hank Azaria comments on "The Simpsons" Apu (Photos: Screen captures)

Comedian Hari Kondabolu blasted the glaring racist stereotype in the long-running television show "The Simpsons," in his latest documentary. Kondabolu approached actor Hank Azaria, who voices the character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Kwik-E-Mart owner and operator.

Azaria told TMZ the documentary made “some really interesting points” and agreed that it has given “a lot for The Simpsons to think about.”

He went on to say that it's a lot to digest and that they're "just really thinking."

“The Simpsons is an important work of art that has influenced so many, including myself. Apu was the only Indian we had on TV at all so I was happy for any representation as a kid. And of course he’s funny, but that doesn’t mean this representation is accurate or right or righteous”, Kondabolu said, according to NME.

Kondabolu also noted that it gets right to the insidiousness of racism, “because you don’t even notice it when it’s right in front of you. It becomes so normal that you don’t even think about it. It seeps into our language to the point we don’t even question it because it seems like it’s just been that way forever.”

TMZ said that Azaria's comments led them to believe that Apu isn't long for "The Simpsons."

“To hear that anybody that was hurt and offended by any character or vocal performance is really upsetting, that it was offensive or hurtful to anybody," he said.

Watch the short interview below via TMZ: