‘Hollywood would not write a plot this stupid’: Trump loyalist melts down over Flynn guilty plea
Conspiracy-monger and provocateur Jack Posobiec (Screen capture)

Jack Posobiec -- one of President Donald Trump's most feverishly devoted followers and promoter of the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory -- is having a noisy meltdown after news broke Friday morning that disgraced national security adviser Mike Flynn has entered a guilty plea in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Right Wing Watch said Friday afternoon that Posobiec and other "alt right" figures initially greeted the news that Flynn was copping a guilty plea with a yawn, saying it only proves there's no evidence of collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia.

Then, it was revealed that Flynn admitted in his plea that the campaign instructed him to reach out to Russian officials -- and Posobiec started losing his grip.

In a live-streamed rant, Posobiec -- who has been called a "right-wing Forrest Gump" of right-wing lies, conspiracies and smear attempts -- greeted the news that Flynn is cooperating with investigators as “quite possibly the dumbest and worst Tom Clancy novel you ever read” and claimed “even Hollywood would not write a plot that was this stupid.”