'I would not have gone anyway': April Ryan's reaction to White House Christmas party snub is amazing
Brian Stelter, April Ryan and Brian Karem on CNN (Screen capture)

Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan explained on Sunday why her feelings aren't hurt that President Donald Trump's White House didn't invite her to its Christmas party -- and her reaction is a holiday gift to the world.

Mediaite.com reported that Ryan said she'd disregard any invitation from this White House.

In August, Ryan was awarded the honor of Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists. Shortly thereafter, the White House took out its massive ad buy targeting journalists.

Ryan was the only White House correspondent named in the ad, perhaps because of her persistent role as a gadfly to the Trump administration.

"I was very upset about that because that put a target on my head," Ryan explained. "So understand this: If someone considers me the enemy, I understand that I'm not going to break bread with you and I'm sure you don't want to break bread with me. But I'm going to continue to be in that room asking questions."

"I would not have gone anyway," she admitted. "I am good. I understand how they feel about me and I understand how they feel about the press, but I have not done anything wrong and I am covered by the First Amendment."

Watch the video, embedded below: