Internet roasts Trump for insisting he doesn’t watch CNN — after he apparently live-tweets a CNN report
(Photo: A Katz / Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at a days-old New York Times report on his TV watching habits -- but only after CNN did a segment on the Times' report on Monday morning.

The original Times report, which was published on Saturday, claimed that Trump watched at least four hours of cable news per day -- and sometimes his cable news viewing can stretch as far as eight hours in a day.

"Another false story, this time in the Failing @nytimes, that I watch 4-8 hours of television a day," Trump angrily tweeted. "Wrong! Also, I seldom, if ever, watch CNN or MSNBC, both of which I consider Fake News. I never watch Don Lemon, who I once called the 'dumbest man on television!' Bad Reporting."

However, conservative Drew McCoy pointed out that Trump only reacted to the Times report shortly after CNN did its own segment on it in the last half hour of its "New Day" program.

The internet had a field day with Trump's denials that he watched CNN even as he appeared to directly respond to a CNN segment -- check out the top reactions below.