John Dean: Kushner’s ’pure blundering” is what turned the Russia collusion into Trump’s Watergate
John Dean, Former White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Richard Nixon White House counsel John Dean, a central character in the Watergate scandal, went on CNN on Friday to offer insight on the guilty plea by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

"What is the bottom line tonight, John?" CNN anchor Erin Burnett asked.

"Well, this is a big deal, this is a very serious witness with insider knowledge going right to the president of the United States," Dean answered.

Dean also commented on the speculation that President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was implicated by Flynn.

"We don't know if it's just Kushner that obviously is involved. It looks like there are more of a conspiracy here than just isolated incidents. They have not named that in any of the documents, but it's implicit in what's happening," Dean, who served time in prison and was disbarred as an attorney for his role in Watergate, concluded.

"One point I'd like to make, is if you look at Watergate, Iran-Contra, the Lewinsky affair, a lot of the criminal activity is pure blundering and not necessarily carefully considered or thought out actions," Dean observed.

Burnett asked for clarification on what he meant by conspiracy.

"I'm thinking, you know, consider a conspiracy to obstruct justice, such as two or more people agreeing to give a false story or to not report on their FS-86 forms all their contacts," Dean answered.

The FS-86 form is the name of the questionnaire required for national security positions.

"All these things can't be a coincidence, yet they seem to be happening consistently across the board with this White House," Dean explained. "So that suggests a conspiracy."

Watch the video below via CNN: