Leaked documents show Mormons are bothering Trump's grandparents in the afterlife
Elisabeth Christ and Friedrich Trump, Donald Trump's grandparents. Image via WikiMedia Commons.

Donald Trump's parents and grandparents have all been dead for years -- but that didn't stop the Mormon church from posthumously baptizing them.

According to MormonLeaks, a whistleblowing group intent on exposing corruption within the Church of the Latter-day Saints, the Mormon church baptized Trump's grandfather Friedrich and his grandmother Elisabeth Marie Christ in 2015 and 2016. Friedrich died in 1918, and Christ died in 1966.

Though MormonLeaks did not acquire screenshots of Trump's father Frank and his mother Mary Ann McLeod, there are links to their names on the Mormon FamilySearch website, suggesting that they too have been baptized.

As the whistleblowing website points out, posthumous baptizing is common among Mormons so that they can accept the LDS church's gospel even from beyond the grave.

News of these posthumous baptisms came the same day that Trump is set to meet with Mormon leaders in Utah. In an open letter to the president published in The Salt Lake Tribune, Mormon Women for Ethical Government wrote that they "believe that the meek, not the Me First, will inherit the earth."