'Lift InfoWars up in prayer’: Alex Jones says 'God’s wrath is boiling’ at 'parasites, devil worshippers and child molesters'
Alex Jones broadcasts while driving (Photo: Screen capture)

Prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones cited his "spiritual awareness" of God's feelings to ask his audience for prayers for InfoWars.

"I do this to save the country and have a future," Jones claimed Friday. "I don't do the things I do on air just because I think I'm invincible."

Video of the segment was posted by Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way.

“I know I am expendable. I know I’m just human. I know I’m weak," Jones said. "But, I’m not a parasite. I’m not a devil worshiper. I’m not a child molester."

"And man, these people are bad news and I want God to know because I have spiritual awareness. I can feel God’s presence and when things are happy and good, I feel God’s happy," Jones claimed. "When I start looking at these people I can just feel God’s wrath boiling. I just want to defeat them, and that’s why I’m God-fearing and I don’t fear them.”

Jones admitted his own shortcomings in convincing the general public to believe his conspiracy theories about globalist forces.

“I just am very sad that I’m not strong enough to do a better job against these people. That’s why I need your concerted prayers, to lift Infowars up in prayer, everybody else and yourselves and our families together," Jones requested.