'Lying, cheating and stealing his whole life’: Professor says Trump's 'manipulative' streak is what is landing him in trouble
Fordham political science professor Christina Greer speaking on MSNBC (image via screengrab).

President Donald Trump famously hails from Queens, New York -- and as Fordham political science professor Christina Greer notes, news that the president was upset that his former adviser Mike Flynn turned on him proves that he still acts like it.

"Donald Trump sees the presidency and the office of the presidency as a series of friendships and relationships that he's been able to manipulate," Greer said. "What he doesn't realize is this isn't Queens anymore."

"He has been lying, cheating and stealing his entire career, ask any New Yorker that's ever done business with him," Greer, whose employer is based in The Bronx, noted. "He's no longer in that realm."

Watch a fellow New Yorker blast the president for continuing to live in his freewheeling Manhattan mindset below, via MSNBC.