NC school board member Dennis Rape refuses to resign after allegedly dropping the N-word at meeting
Union County school board member Dennis Rape (Screen cap).

Tensions are boiling over at the Union County Board of Education in North Carolina this week after a board member named Dennis Rape allegedly made disparaging comments about black people behind closed doors.

Local news station Fox 46 Charlotte reports that his fellow board members confronted Rape during a public meeting this week and encouraged him to step down from his position after making racist comments to them.

Among other things, Rape allegedly told three board staff members that you "don't get between a black man and his pork," while also quoting a Dave Chappelle skit that repeatedly employed the word "n*gger."

Rape said he felt "embarrassed" for making the comments -- but then later in the meeting denied that he ever made them.

Although Rape refused to step down from the board, his fellow board members voted unanimously to censure him for his alleged racist remarks.

"Racially insensitive comments have no place in Union County Public Schools," said board member Gary Sides. "And I again renew my call for his resignation. He is unfit to serve this board."

Watch Fox 46 Charlotte's video on the incident below.