After Doug Jones' surprise victory over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race last night, it was only a matter of time before someone shouted "voter fraud!" The poor, unfortunate soul who did so, however, was not only immediately "ratioed" (Twitter parlance for tweets that garner significantly more responses than likes or retweets), but he was also summarily dissed by those celebrating Jones' win.

Bill Mitchell, a pro-Trump conservative radio host, tweeted that he's hearing rumors of black Mississippians being "bussed" into Alabama to vote for Jones, which could account for the record high voter turnout numbers.

Naturally, Twitter sprung into action to prove just how racist and crazy the concept of "bussing in" black people from another state really is.

GQ Magazine writer Caity Weaver mocked Mitchell's tone and claimed she'd heard that "black scientists worked round the clock yesterday to perfect human cloning, allowing the same black person to vote 3000, even 4000 times."

Podcast host Patrick Monahan took a similar approach, saying he'd "hearing rumors that Bill Mitchell’s enormous head is hollow, like a coconut, and that a small bird lives in there."

"Transformers" screenwriter John Rogers even spent an entire thread rationally laying out all the ways it would be impossible to bring in that many illegal voters.

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