'Really tempting fate': Internet berates Trump for 'lock her up' chant while his ex-aides face indictment
President Donald Trump speaks to a crowd in Pensacola, Florida on December 8, 2017 (image via screengrab).

During his free-wheeling rally in Pensacola, Florida on Friday night, President Donald Trump chose to blast the "resistance" against him and take a shot at Hillary Clinton. The jab led to a spontaneous chant of his favorite campaign slogan of "lock her up!" by the crowd, and naturally, Twitter noticed the flaws in its 2017 usage.

"So far, the crowd has chanted 'Lock Her Up', 'Build That Wall' and 'U-S-A,'" one Twitter user pointed out. "These people apparently loved 2016 and have been largely unconscious throughout 2017."

Death & Taxes' Maggie Serota noted that the president is "really tempting fate with this 'Lock her up!' chant."

"I'm genuinely curious," tech lobbyist Matt Hettinger tweeted. "When they chant this do they want house arrest like Manafort or cooperating witness like Flynn and Papa?"

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