Republicans cheer Roy Moore's loss: 'Thank goodness' this 'snake-oil salesman' and 'crybaby' didn't win
CNN commentator Ana Navarro (left) and former Bush White House aide Scott Jennings (left). Images via screengrab.

Two Republicans on Thursday cheered on the newly-certified loss of Judge Roy Moore for Alabama's Senate seat.

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro and former Bush White House assistant J. Scott Jennings fall on either side of the Republican Party's divide over President Donald Trump, but both agreed that Moore was an unusually bad candidate.

"This is a 71-year-old guy who can now add sore loser and crybaby to pedophile, homophobe, racist guy who likes to hide behind the cloaks of Jesus Christ to say some of the most hateful, stupid things in the world,” Navarro told host Ana Cabrera. “This guy just doesn’t know when to quit."

"This guy is in complete denial," she continued. "He needs a hobby. One that doesn’t involve being around children, or girls, in malls, but he needs to take up knitting or underwater basket weaving. Maybe he can go train Sassy. I don’t know, but this is over. Put a fork in it. You’re done."

Jennings, a more pro-Trump Republican, said that despite the embarrassment it brought the GOP, he thinks Moore's loss and subsequent calls for a recount are good for the party.

"Roy Moore is a snake oil salesman surrounded by charlatans surrounded by grifters," Jennings said. "This guy's candidacy from day one was bad news for the Republican Party. It's a good thing that he lost."

Watch below, via CNN: