Roy Moore spokeswoman calls accusers 'criminals' who are seeking revenge as CNN interview goes off the rails
CNN's Poppy Harlow interviews Roy Moore spokeswoman Jane Porter (Screen cap).

Roy Moore spokeswoman Jane Porter went on CNN Tuesday morning to defend the honor of her candidate -- and to inform CNN's Poppy Harlow that Moore's opponent wanted to kill her unborn child.

At the start of the interview, after Harlow thanked Porter for coming on the show, Porter returned her thanks by giving her a backhanded congratulatory message on the impending birth of her second child.

"Congratulations on your unborn child," Porter said. "That's the reason why I came down to speak, as a volunteer, for Judge Moore. He will stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, whereas his opponent will support killing them up until the moment of birth."

Harlow brushed this comment aside and proceeded to grill Porter about the multiple women who have accused Moore of molesting them when they were teenagers. Porter said all of Moore's accusers were lying and at one point in the interview compared them to "criminals" who were seeking revenge against Moore.

Later in the interview, Porter again raised the issue of Harlow's unborn baby boy, but this time Harlow forcefully told Porter to back off.

"If you care about child abuse, you should be talking about the fact that Judge Moore stands for protection... for the rights of babies, like the eight-month old baby that you're carrying now," Porter said. "Doug Jones says you can take the life of that baby!"

"Let's leave my child out of this," Harlow shot back. "Let's leave my child out of this."

Watch the full interview below.