Seth Meyers hilariously mocks Trump's FCC chair for restricting the internet so people can't make fun of him
Seth Meyers mocks Ajit Pai (Photo: Screen capture)

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission decided Thursday that it would repeal net neutrality rules allowing for a free and open internet. But "Late Night" comedian Seth Meyers wondered if there was something more sinister at work.

Showing a clip from an April meeting, Meyers highlighted the massive coffee cup FCC chair Ajit Pai was holding.

"I'm sorry, but you can't just drink from a mug that size without any explanation," Meyers joked. "Was the mug always that big or did you shrink? Are you sharing an office with Rick Moranis? Is that why you want to limit the internet, so people can't go online and make memes about you and your giant coffee mug?"

Meyers then proceeded to show his own meme of Pai and his giant coffee mug.

When it comes to net neutrality, the American public overwhelmingly supports the policy, including a majority of Republicans. Meyers explained that it makes sense because without a fair and open internet, Republicans will be forced to read a newspaper or turn on CNN instead of getting their news from a Facebook group called PatriotEagleMAGA1776.

Meyers played a series of clips of Pai using his favorite phrase "light-touch regulation," which is just a romance-novel phrase that "sounds like he was explaining himself to Human Resources."

"What did Deborah say I did? That was a light touch!" Meyers quipped.

He then went on to hilariously mock Omarosa Manigault's ousting this week.

Watch the full clip below: