'So many lies': Family of soldier killed in Niger snafu says Army has given 7 different stories about his death
Richshama Johnson, left, and Cowanda Jones-Johnson, right, discuss Army Sgt. La David Johnson's death (Screen cap).

The family of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed during a mission in Niger earlier this year, told CNN on Monday that they feel they've been lied to multiple times about his death.

Speaking with host Alisyn Camerota, Johnson's mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, said that she has so far heard seven different stories about her late son's death. According to Jones-Johnson, officials originally told her that Johnson had been "possibly" captured, and they were tracking his movements via GPS.

However, it turned out that Johnson had not been captured -- and the army still hasn't explained why it took them 48 hours to locate Johnson's body after he originally went missing.

Richshama Johnson, Johnson's sister, told CNN that the Army has not been giving the family personal briefings, and she says she has been learning new details of his death through stories posted on social media.

Jones-Johnson went on to say that she feels like she's been told a cascade of lies about her late son's death, and she just wants to have a full, truthful account of what happened to him.

"I want the truth," she said. "If they had told us the truth behind the situation from day one, we wouldn't be sitting here because we would have closure, and we can move on from this. But there's no closure because, it's like my mom always used to tell us, 'If you tell one lie, you have to tell so many lies to cover up that one little lie.'"

Watch the video below.