'Something wrong with this guy': Angry Trump voter says he regretted his choice one day after inauguration
Trump voter Mike Brindock says he regretted voting for the president immediately after the inauguration (Screen cap).

CNN had another panel of Trump voters on to talk about the president's performance on Friday, and one voter revealed that he regretted voting for Trump on the day after the president was inaugurated last January.

When asked by CNN's Alisyn Camerota if he really regretted voting for Trump just one day after he was sworn into office, Trump voter Mike Brindock explained that Trump's bizarre speech in front of the CIA -- in which he boasted about the size of his inauguration crowds, lied about being the record holder for being on Time magazine the most times, and told a baffling lie about there being no rain during his inauguration speech despite there being constant rain during the speech -- left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Well after hearing about him talking, the way he was going on at the CIA, and he just began turning me off then and there," Brindock explained. "Yeah, I began to regret it. There was something wrong with this guy, I think. He lies so much, I can't stand him anymore."

Later in the panel, Brindock said he was appalled by the way that Trump seems to go out of his way to anger others, whether it's his fellow American citizens or America's allies around the globe.

"Donald Trump alienates people," he said. "He comes out with these stupid remarks... he just keeps alienating people as he goes along."

Watch the whole panel below.