Study finds white Republican men are more likely to say they sexually harass women at work
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A study conducted by The New York Times and polling company Morning Consult found that Republican men are more likely to say they harass women, while men who oppose President Donald Trump reported lower rates of harassment.

In a report published on Thursday, the Times interviewed 615 men about their experience with harassment in the workplace.

Of the 615 men, about one-third admitted some type of harassing behavior toward women. The study found that inappropriate jokes or stories was the most typical form of harassment, with 25 percent of men admitting to the behavior.

The study also found that men who are white, Republican or work blue-collar jobs were more likely to say that they had harassed women.

The Times reports:

Men who worked in the food and beverage industry and in blue-collar jobs, as well as those who were white or Republicans, were more likely to acknowledge harassing behavior. So were those who described a feeling of resentment, saying that they were unappreciated by coworkers or superiors or that colleagues received undeserved promotions.

Men with graduate degrees or strong disapproval of President Trump reported lower rates of harassing colleagues. Those who said that they never showed up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or didn’t socialize with colleagues outside of work, were also significantly less likely to acknowledge such actions.

“Most harassment is not by high-profile celebrities,” sexual harassment researcher Louise Fitzgerald told the paper. “This is so common in places that are very far from the spotlight. This is endemic.”