‘The Battle of Fruitcake’: Ana Navarro and CNN host crack up over Trump fighting the ‘War on Christmas’
Ana Navarro rolling her eyes while and Dave Briggs chuckles (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump spent most of the lead up to Christmas -- as well as Christmas Day -- celebrating his "win" in the fake "War on Christmas."

Trump has routinely insinuated that there was some kind of ban on Christmas. The story was invented by Fox News and over the years gained steam from conspiracy theory sites claiming the use of a phrase like "happy holidays" wasn't about being polite, or even grammar, but about undermining Christianity.

Republican Ana Navarro chuckled over sarcasm with CNN host Bill Weir. Tuesday.

Weir began the interview by wishing his guests a "Merry Christmas," which prompted Navarro to sarcastically express her joy that Weir could finally stay the words.

"After this frontal assault, finally we're able to rescue Christmas from the chains that bound her for so many decades," Navarro said as Weir broke into hysterics. "Thank you, Trump! Thank you! Thank you! That we've been able to say Christmas!"

"We're waiting for the Ken Burns documentary on the 'War on Christmas,'" Weir joked. "The battle over fruitcake."

Conservative Trump supporter Ben Ferguson found no humor in the commentary.

The conversation then devolved into one about the Republican elected officials staging a mass exodus from their offices. Ferguson tried to claim that these members were far too close to the "Washington elite" than their districts.

Navarro brought up the overwhelming wins many of these officials had in 2016 and that it doesn't make sense for them to be leaving by such significant numbers. She argued that many of these Republicans would win general elections, but because the GOP has left them in its turn to the right, the officials couldn't win primary elections.

When discussing top top lie of the year, according to Politifact, Navarro said she wasn't sure how they could sift through all of the lies over the past 365 days from Trump. When it came to the intelligence dossier on Trump's relationship with Russia, the president is still tweeting about it not being valid, despite many things being proven correct in it.

"I think he's going to continue fighting this battle in his head," Navarro said. "To me, Donald Trump is like a half-crazed Don Quixote fighting battles in his head. He's very good at laying the ground work in his base and planting seeds of doubt within his base. I think he will continue the battle. What we have seen with Trump consistently is he does not let go of things, he's like a dog with a bone. Whether it's illegal immigrants voting in the elections or crooked Hillary, you name it. And he has recurring themes, to which he goes to over and over and over again. That's not going to change this year."

The actual War on Christmas originated from the Puritans, who first came to the United States seeking religious freedom. It also has roots in Catholicism.

Watch the full clip below: