Three-year-old toddler finds loaded gun and kills himself -- and now his dad is going to prison
Toddler with gun []

An Ohio man has been indicted after his three-year-old son found the father's loaded gun and fatally shot himself.

According to Columbus' NBC4, 26-year-old Steven Matthew Wallen's twin toddler sons found his loaded gun and discharged the weapon in September, leading to the fatal shooting of one of the boys.

“He keeps a loaded firearm in his kitchen for his home protection. He discovered his three year old son lying in the living room with a gunshot to the head, the firearm was laying on the floor," Captain Jim Dean of Madison Township told NBC4.

Wallen was indicted by a Franklin County Grand Jury of involuntary manslaughter and endangering children.

In 2015, a three-year-old Cleveland boy fatally shot a one-year-old when he found a loaded gun unattended.