Trump boasts 'I'm unbeatable' in New York speech after being showered with 'lock him up' taunts
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Despite historically weak poll numbers and multiple investigations into his 2016 campaign and subsequent administration, President Donald Trump told wealthy donors in New York on Saturday that he is "unbeatable" in the 2020 presidential election, Bloomberg reports.

Trump was greeted by chants of "lock him up" when his motorcade arrived at the fundraiser (see video below).

“Unless they have somebody that we don’t know about, right now we’re unbeatable,” Trump said Saturday at a Trump Victory Fund finance breakfast fundraiser in front of 450 attendees.

"New numbers just came out” Trump claimed, which supposedly show his electoral invincibility. Neither the White House nor the Republican National Committee responded to Bloomberg's questions about the numbers Trump cited.

The event was one of three New York City fundraisers expect to raise $6 million for the President's 2020 reelection campaign.

Trump's most recent campaign finance report showed his campaign fund had spent more than $1 million on legal bills during the third quarter of 2017.