Trump catches hell online over call to fire Washington Post's Dave Weigel for Twitter mistake
President Donald Trump gives speech about Jerusalem (Screen capture)

On Saturday, President Donald Trump called for The Washington Post's Dave Weigel to be fired from his job over a tweet Weigel posted to his personal account showing small crowds at Trump's Pensacola, FL rally on Friday night.

".@DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in. Real photos now shown as I spoke. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!" Trump tweeted angrily.

Weigel took down the tweet, apologized and posted a correction, but many administration critics hit back at Trump's hypocrisy, given the number of lies, sins of omission and outright fabrications the White House has foisted on the public.

Weigel's defenders were legion -- and not happy.